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Supporting our local communities has always been an important part of the Watches of Switzerland Group’s culture and our approach to giving continues to be focused on charities with whom we can develop long-standing personal relationships and work together to create change.


In some cases, this means partnering with established national or international charities to fund specific projects or outcomes and in others it means supporting much smaller charities such as food banks with both funding, expertise, and the opportunity to benefit from the wider network we have created.

The Watches of Switzerland Group Foundation was incorporated as a company in October 2020 and was registered as a charity by the UK Charity Commission in November 2021. The total Company donation amounts to £6.0 million since launch. 

Princes Trust America
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funding to the the Fuel Bank Foundation
donated to local food banks in the UK from the foundation
donated to Crisis from the foundation
Donated to The Prince's Trust from the US foundation
donated to food banks in the US from the foundation
donated to Habitat for Humanity in the US

charities we support in the uk

The Watches of Switzerland Group Foundation achieved its charitable status in November 2021, with the purpose of continuing the Group’s commitment to philanthropic investment in a focussed range of charitable causes.  The Foundation, which will bring most of the Group’s charitable activities under one umbrella, has so far been funded by a £6million donation from the Watches of Switzerland Group to support local communities with an emphasis on helping vulnerable people in poverty.

As of July 2022, £2.15million of that donation has already been pledged to support projects such as:

  • The support to Food Banks in city centre locations in the UK, in response to the growing food poverty crisis, exacerbated by the impact of the pandemic and the cost-of-living crisis. In addition, several Watches of Switzerland colleagues have also supported the food banks with over 700 hours of volunteering
  • A unique partnership between the Fuel Bank Foundation and the Food Banks which are supported by the Foundation
  • The Prince’s Trust core education programmes, supporting over 6240 young people in developing their confidence, resilience, and key skills, along with the launch of a new Education Hub and employability pilot in Leicester
  • A donation to Crisis to support the funding of Clinical Psychologists who intensively support a small cohort of members with complex trauma and sit within the wellbeing offer which supports people on their journey out of homelessness


  • In the wake of the pandemic, unemployment and food insecurity soared.  In 2022, the Foundation expanded its support of foodbanks to the US supporting Feeding South Florida, Three Square Meals in Las Vegas and the New York Foodbank.  In FY23 the Foundation donated over $500,000 to US foodbank networks and connected colleagues with volunteering opportunities such as delivering meals to those in need.  The donation of $176,000 to Feeding South Florida had significant impact to local communities in the region, supporting eight foodbanks across South Florida, and feeding 28,554 people.  The Group's volunteers help in distributing groceries to foodbank clients or supporting their mission with social media support.  In FY24 the Group will strengthen its volunteer support through the roll out of the US volunteering programme.  


  • Habitat for Humanity works together with families, local communities, volunteers and partners from around the world so that more people are able to live in affordable and safe homes.  In FY23 the Foundation donated $294,000 to sponsor three house builds for families in Miami, Atlanta and Westchester.  In March 2023 our colleagues in Florida supported one of the local builds by providing volunteers to help finish building the home.  We are hoping to strengthen our partnership with Habitat for Humanity over the next year by providing more volunteers and vital funding through the Foundation to provide safe homes for those who need them.

"Our new partnership with The Watches of Switzerland Group Foundation is unique. Through collaborating we will extend and develop Fuel Bank services in around a dozen foodbanks that the Watches of Switzerland Group is already supporting. This will be transformative for the families who are being supported because they will not only receive food, but also the energy needed to cook it."

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