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People & Culture

We are proud to be a people business. Welcoming hospitality and expert knowledge are our keystones and we invest heavily in recruiting colleagues of the highest calibre and focusing on their training and development and fostering their careers.

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Our goal is to partner with the most prestigious Swiss luxury brands to deliver an unrivalled client experience that is welcoming, engaging and underpinned by the deep category knowledge of our teams. Our colleagues love what they do and are dedicated to being experts in the world of luxury watches. In return, we work hard to make sure that they feel equipped for the task and valued for their contributions via our award-winning recognition programmes.


We value learning very highly and opportunities are available to all

We set the bar high at the Watches of Switzerland Group and complacency is not something we understand. Each of our team of 2,800 dedicated colleagues know what’s expected of them and come to work each day determined to excel. 

Delivering the highest level of client experience is integral to what we do and our colleagues are proud to call themselves experts in the luxury watch and jewellery sector.

We have an established range of in-house training programmes including Bronze and Silver Academies, GIA and leadership initiatives support progression and career development. In addition, we  are proud to collaborate with our strategic brand partners to deliver intensive, expert product knowledge and in depth customer experience training.  We continue to prioritise Xenia - our global Client Experience Programme driving high levels of quality and service across the Group. 

Our industry leading digital e-learning platform means that learning is multi-dimensional, fun and easy to access by all. 

Diversity & Inclusion

We believe in equality for all and are fully committed to promoting an inclusive culture and diverse workforce. Ensuring a culture of fairness and equity underpins our management decisions, actions and behaviours and we were pleased to note that in our engagement survey 81% of colleagues agreed or strongly agreed with the statement ‘I work in an environment where everyone can feel included, respected and accepted for who they are’.  Our Diversity Policy ensures that development, promotion, opportunity and enhancement are based solely on objective, measured criteria relevant to the situation and full and fair consideration is given to job applications from disabled persons.

Our Board believes it is critical that its membership includes a diverse mixture of skills, experience, expertise, gender, tenure, ethnicity, cultural and social backgrounds together with diversity of thought. To this end, the Board reviewed its Diversity Policy in May 2023 to reflect the new targets laid out by the FTSE Women Leaders Review. On this note, we were pleased to bee ranked at #15 in the 2023 FTSE 250 Women Leaders Review.  We already comply with the Women Leaders Review’s new recommendations and with the Parker Review targets.

All colleagues regardless of gender, race, religion, sexual orientation, disability, age, mental status, political or philosophical beliefs are treated with dignity and respect and our culture enables everyone to feel safe and empowered to work without concern.

For further information please see out FY23 Annual Report.

health and wellbeing

The wellbeing of our teams became a particular focus during the pandemic and colleagues’ physical and mental health continues to be an extremely high priority. In June 2023, we launched a new health and wellbeing app in the UK. ‘Tellus’ which provides 24/7 access to counselling and GP services; a legal helpline; a neurological helpline; carer support; money management; self-help literature and access to a health and wellbeing calendar. We also have in place a Menopause Policy and a Mental Health First Aiders programme.

We are committed to maintaining safety standards that comply with legislation and enable colleagues to be confident that their workplace is safe. Our Health & Safety Policy applies to all business activities and premises to ensure the health, safety and welfare of our colleagues, clients and visitors. A Health & Safety Committee comprising senior leaders from our UK and US operations meets regularly and a rolling review and audit programme is in place. A formal mechanism for reporting accidents is in place and we work closely with third-party provider.

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