Armin Strom is an independent watch company based in Biel/Bienne, Switzerland

Armin Strom timepieces offer a unique fusion of the Swiss-German horological tradition, avant-garde ‘transparent mechanics’ and an unwavering commitment to horological innovation

The hallmark of the brand’s low-volume, artisanal approach to watchmaking is its commitment to exposed dial-side movement mechanics, with every part hand-finished to the highest haute horology standards.

Armin Strom was established in 1967 by Mr Armin Strom, a legend in the art of hand skeletonisation. In 2006, the stewardship of Mr Strom’s legacy became the responsibility of Master Watchmaker Claude Greisler and businessman Serge Michel, who together revitalised the brand with the opening of Armin Strom’s first fully integrated Manufacture in 2009. Today the brand designs, develops, mills, embosses, galvanises, hand-finishes and assembles all of its own watches in-house, enabling Armin Strom to bring even the most complicated ideas to life without any of the compromises that typically stem from reliance on a supply chain.

We have ensured our teams are highly trained in being able to effectively communicate the brand’s history and collections via our Luxury Watch and Jewellery Virtual Boutique, as well as in our showrooms. You can find the brand in our Watches of Switzerland, Soho, New York showroom in the US where the pieces can be seen in all their glory.

Armin Strom