Blancpain is the oldest watch company name, originally founded in 1735 in the Swiss Jura by Jehan-Jacques

Blancpain is known for making watches that pushed the absolute limits achievable by precision machines and the human hand.

Today, Blancpain continues to push the boundaries of what this combination can achieve with such challenging complications as equations of time and eight-day tourbillon movements. Blancpain collections and timepieces can be found in our Oxford Street, Knightsbridge and Regent Street Watches of Switzerland showrooms.

Blancpain were the pioneers in dive watches and their CEO Jean-Jacques Fiechter worked with the famous undersea explorer Jacques-Yves Cousteau in the 1950s to define what a dive watch should be in terms of legibility, water resistance and functionality.

The resulting Fifty Fathoms timepiece has been a staple of the collection since its launch in 1953; the first modern diver’s watch, created by a diver to meet the needs of underwater exploration. The Fifty Fathoms has played an essential role in the development of scuba diving and the discovery of the ocean world, becoming a catalyst for their commitment to ocean preservation. We continue to support our partnership through social media, email and Calibre channels, along with clienteling guides and pop-ups to aid the storytelling of the brand. In 2022, we supported the brand with an event at Watches of Switzerland Knightsbridge where clients had the opportunity to explore the Blancpain Collections with a champagne and canape reception.

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