Bovet’s Engineering Brilliance and its Exceptional Artistry of Human Watchmaking.

The House of Bovet is a Swiss manufacturer of luxury timepieces

The house of BOVET was established almost two centuries ago in 1822 by the Bovet brothers, a trio of master watchmakers. Their vision was for BOVET to become a leader in the watchmaking industry, and they set out a mission to ensure an exceptional level of chronometry paired with beautiful detailing was achieved in every piece they created. BOVET achieved much success in these areas, securing many patents, and were even commissioned by the Emperor of China for bespoke enamelled watches. The business stayed within the Bovet family until 2001 when Pascal Raffy, a passionate collector of Haute Horology, became sole owner. In 2020, his daughter Audrey joined him, and under the Raffy’s management, the brand has pushed forward many impressive new collections and pieces, all while remaining true to the Bovet brothers’ legacy.

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