Founded in 1889

Founded in 1889, DOXA, the Greek word for ‘glory’, is more recently known for its superlative dive watches that the brand began making in the second half of the 20th century

In its current iteration the brand designs brightly coloured watches with a serious and profound diving history having discovered that orange is the last colour on the spectrum that is visible underwater, therefore aiding visibility. Located in Biel/Bienne in the heart of the birthplace of Swiss watchmaking, the brand is renowned for creating one of the first professional-spec dive watches available for the wider public since the 1960s, the DOXA SUB. We are proud to house DOXA within the UK and US along with a presence online. We included the brand in our ‘Divers’ themed campaign and have seen a great response across all of our marketing channels, from social media to newsletters and Calibre. We were also privileged to interview their CEO, Jan Edöcs on our Calibre podcast. In the US we utilised the Watches of Switzerland Airstream to host a series of mobile retail-unit experiences, which saw us host a 100-person private event as the exclusive and only timepiece retail partner of DOXA for the continent of the US. VIP guests included designer Cynthia Rowley and Dave Guy of the Roots. In April 2022 we were proud to launch the limited DOXA Army Watches of Switzerland Edition, 42.5mm in ceramic.

Doxa 300T Yellow 1705