Since 1778

Goldsmiths has become one of the UK’s leading watch and jewellery retailers, with over 55 showrooms nationwide

As part of Goldsmiths continual evolution and investment in creating a memorable client experience, the roll out of a new luxury showroom concept began in Autumn 2021, with an enhanced digital experience, visual merchandising and product displays. As Goldsmiths elevates its brand position, the brand further enhances its vision and values to ensure that the delivery of an exceptional client experience is at the heart of everything we do.

At Goldsmiths, our clients will discover a wide choice of diamond jewellery including beautiful wedding and engagement rings to suit all bridal styles. From the classic round brilliant cut to the more contemporary cuts such as ovals and pear, we have something for everyone. Our GIA certificated diamond range provides the highest in authenticity, quality and craftsmanship along with, our exclusive Goldsmiths Brightest Diamond collection introducing one of the most brilliant cut diamonds in the world, a remarkable 88 facets, creating maximum brilliance and an enviable scintillating sparkle.