Jacob Arabo built his fame on catering ever more lavish and exclusive jewellery to a unique audience of celebrities and prominent entertainment figures.

He established Jacob & Co. as one of the most powerful luxury names in recent history.

As early as 2002, he applied that philosophy to timepieces with a new motto: Inspired by the Impossible. At the onset of the 2010s, he focused on a new horological approach, based on extremely sophisticated timepieces, often adorned with extensive gem-setting of the highest level of quality, colour and diversity. The Caviar, Astronomia, Opera Godfather, Twin Turbo and Twin Turbo Fast and Furious, Bugatti Chiron and Jean Bugatti collections spearhead a new generation of high complication timepieces with innovative and bold formats. The Epic X, a graphic, skeleton sport pieces collection culminating with a tourbillon chronograph, has been recently redesigned. Never shying away from pushing every aspect of creation and exclusivity to new heights, Jacob & Co is now a fully-fledged member of the Haute Horlogerie circle.

We were honoured to interview Jacob & Benjamin Arabov, Co-CEO of Jacob & Co, for our YouTube videos and Calibre podcasts; sharing insight into the brand's iconic history, unique creations and their most famous celebrity ambassadors. In the Summer of 2022, we had the pleasure of hosting clients at our Watches of Switzerland Knightsbridge showroom with special guest Jacob & Co CEO Jacob Arabo.

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