After decades of conforming to the rules of corporate watchmaking, Maximilian Büsser broke the chains and started a rebellion in 2005; a rebellion called MB&F – Maximilian Büsser & Friends

The desire to allow his creativity and energy full reign saw Max resign from iconic jewellers Harry Winston to form his creative ideal: MB&F

With his new company, Büsser has full creative liberty to indulge in his passion
for working with the most talented independent horological professionals – pushing the limits of horology into a new dimension. MB&F is an artistic concept laboratory based around a simple idea: to assemble collectives of independent watchmaking professionals to develop radical watches – sitting either in his Horological or Legacy Machines collections.

Collaborating with horological luminaries Eric Giroud, Laurent Besse and Peter Speake-Marin he produced the first machine, the HM1 in 2007. The following Horological Machines have taken inspiration from science fiction, supercars, aircraft and the animal kingdom – like the HM10 presented in 2020, inspired by a bulldog. Aside from evolving the watch collection, Büsser works with clock maker L’Epée 1839 to produce unconventional clocks with exotic names such as Starfleet Explorer and Destination Moon.

2022 in the UK saw the opening of our very first MB&F Boutique. We celebrated this launch with an event where we presented exquisite timepieces whilst clients enjoyed our hospitality. This launch was highly supported by Maximilian Büsser, CEO of MB&F through an exclusive podcast, YouTube video and attendance at our official launch event.

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