Founded in 1996

Roberto Coin’s jewellery is unlike anything else. It is imaginative, artistic, and evokes the Italy of La Dolce Vita

The brand was founded in 1996, when Roberto Coin, a successful hotelier at the time, decided to pursue his true passions of art and fashion. Leaving hotels behind, he decided to set up a jewellery brand. Located in the heart of Vicenza, otherwise known as the City of Gold because of the proliferation of goldsmiths, Roberto Coin jewellery champions traditional values of Italian artisanship, with Coin’s immense creativity and his love of fashion and the arts being channelled throughout every piece. The marriage of skilled artisans and Roberto Coin’s romantic vision and creativity has resulted in jewellery pieces that resemble works of art. Roberto Coin jewellery embraces its founder’s journey through a variety of cultures and multi-ethnic influences, as well as personal experiences and the natural world. Each is delicately handcrafted and features a trademark ruby, always cast inside the jewel so it comes into contact with the skin. Whether it is a simple gold chain or a decadent diamond-encrusted flower pendant, every piece of Roberto Coin jewellery is timeless, beautiful, and quintessentially Italian. We have enjoyed a partnership with Roberto Coin for 13 years, during which time we have exclusively hosted pieces from the stunning Princess Flower collection. Roberto Coin jewellery features throughout our showrooms in both the UK and US.

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