Speake-Marin is Geneva-based fine watchmaking house with British roots founded in 2002

It is renowned for creating, developing, and assembling innovative limited mechanical timepieces with in-house movements and unique complications

Speake-Marin’s designs are defined by a bold, often architectural aesthetic, reflecting the concept of ‘Belle Horlogerie’ – for those who want to wear something unique on their wrist. The contrast of hyper-contemporary dials with a classic case, makes for audacious designs that are unlike anything else. Speake-Marin, as an independent fine-watchmaking house, inspires watch collectors who love exceptional timepieces and seek to be a part of the ‘Happy Few’ Speake-Marin owners club.

We are honoured to present some of Speake-Marin’s finest timepieces for our most discerning clients. Distinguished by their limited availability and formidable features, Speake-Marin watches are the epitome of independent luxury watchmaking. Our entire selection of Speake-Marin watches is available for sale online across our Watches of Switzerland UK and US sites, as well as in selected showrooms.

Speake Marin