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Grand Seiko and Watches of Switzerland present The Nature of Time Experience in New York City

Grand Seiko Corporation of America and Watches of Switzerland announce an extension to their partnership with a limited-edition timepiece gallery in Soho, New York starting today.

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The Nature of Time Experience coincides with the reopening of retail stores in the iconic Manhattan neighborhood, but redefines a new normal for luxury retail with an even greater emphasis on the individual guest experience: more innovative, highly immersive, meticulously personalized, and safe.

The Nature of Time Experience will feature the largest collection of Grand Seiko timepieces in the world in addition to eight immersive and educational “zones” for guests to learn about the brand’s master craftsmanship. Using innovative technology, one zone will explore the precise detail that goes into each of Grand Seiko’s mechanical, quartz, and Spring Drive movements. And later this Summer, visitors will have an opportunity to experience true Japanese hospitality, called Omotenashi, in the Den of Lions or the downstairs Takumi Lounge - a VIP room modeled after the beautiful bars of Ginza.

The highlight of The Nature of Time Experience are the timepieces themselves. The gallery will display all boutique collections, the recently released Watches of Switzerland exclusive Toge Special Edition GMT, the complete “Nature of Time” Collection, limited edition 60th Anniversary pieces, and - for the first-time ever - rare watches made exclusively for the Japan market. All watches showcased at The Nature of Time Experience are available for purchase.

“We’re extremely proud to open The Nature of Time Experience for Grand Seiko clients and all watch enthusiasts in the heart of New York City,” said Brice Le Troadec, President Grand Seiko Corporation of America (GSA). “We are passionate about ‘redefining retail’ by creating this immersive, personalized, and safe experience for the watch collecting community.”

Observing Grand Seiko’s Japanese heritage, the unique Nature of Time Experience was inspired by Japan’s spring and the fleeting beauty of the “sakura” cherry blossoms. Based on the ancient Japanese philosophy of mono no aware – appreciate the beauty of ephemeral things - sakura season inspires celebration as well as contemplation.

"Watches of Switzerland is excited to celebrate the next step in the evolution of our partnership with Grand Seiko in New York City"

David Hurley Executive Vice President of Watches of Switzerland

“With our expertise in retail and Grand Seiko’s unwavering commitment to innovative and world-class watchmaking, we have been able to create a highly immersive and individualized retail experience that will bring personalized shopping to a whole new level.” said David Hurley, Executive Vice President of Watches of Switzerland. 

The space is located at 119 Spring Street in Soho and will be open from July 10 through the end of September. The Nature of Time Experience is open to walk-in visitors, but reservations are highly encouraged due to limited capacity. As a commitment to caring for the health and well-being of our employees and guests, masks and social distancing will be required.

We invite guests to also virtually “visit” The Nature of Time Experience through interactive AR technology and videos of each zone from the comfort of their homes. Experience what makes Grand Seiko a leader in the art of watchmaking at

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The Nature of Time Experience

About The Nature of Time collection of watches

Grand Seiko’s “Nature of Time” collection pays tribute to Japan’s ever-changing nature, with each timepiece reflecting the grandeur, an expression of design and movement. Japan’s twenty-four seasons are referred to as “Sekki.” From Risshun (beginning of spring) in early February to Daikan (greater cold) in late January, the Twenty-Four Seasons of Japan celebrate the passage of time as a poetic journey, as nature awakens, blossoms, matures and slowly slumbers.

Spring: The subtle pink dial of the Spring model epitomizes the graceful Sakura season as blossoms waltz on water like glorious “Hanaikada – Rafts of Blossoms.” Starting with the beginning of spring (Risshun), the first of the lunar year, the season comes to life when the snow gives way to rain (Usui), and creatures awaken from hibernation (Keichitsui). As day equals night (Shunbun), the pure sky and renewal of nature come into existence (Seimei).

Summer: The vibrant green dial of the “Rikka – The Beginning of Summer” embodies the energy and vitality of life, as flora flourishes (Shoman). It is during this season that rice is sowed (Boshu) and when the night is shortest (Geshi). As the intensity of heat raises (Shosho), summer ends with the hottest day of the year (Taisho).

Fall: The rich blue dial of the Autumn model exemplifies the deep and melancholic expressions of “Tsukiyo – The Moonlit Night.” Opening with the beginning of fall (Risshu), the period when temperatures fall (Shosho), and awaken to the morning dew (Hakuro). It is this season that day equals night (Shubun), and the frost appears in the morning (Kanro). Fall enters hibernation upon the first frost (Soko).

Winter: The silver white dial of the Winter model illustrates the pure and clear landscape of “Miyuki” deep snow. As nature slows down the beginning of winter (Ritto), flurries of snow (Koyuki) begin before the heavy snow (Taisetsu). This season welcomes the shortest day of the year (Toji), as days become cold (Shokan), and life experiences the coldest day of the year (Daikan).

The Nature of Time Experience overview
Dates: July 10 - September 30, 2020
Hours: Monday – Saturday 11:00AM - 7:00PM; Sunday Noon - 6:00PM
Address: 119 Spring Street, New York, NY 10012
Organizer: Grand Seiko Corporation of America
Partner: Watches of Switzerland
Phone Number: +1 646-693-0893


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