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The Watches of Switzerland Group announces move to new 7,200sq ft Rolex Boutique store on Old Bond Street

The Watches of Switzerland Group has today announced that they will relocate the current Rolex Boutique on Bond Street (900 sq ft) to a new 7,200 sq ft location on Old Bond Street in 2023. This new flagship will reflect the importance of the London market and the special relevance of London to the history of Rolex.

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The new 3 floor flagship Boutique will be designed by Rolex Geneva in conjunction with the Watches of Switzerland Group and will focus on Client Hospitality and the history of Rolex.

The Watches of Switzerland Group has a long history with Rolex with a partnership which goes back over 100 years.  In 1919 the Group welcomed Rolex to their Northern Goldsmiths showroom in Newcastle, which first opened its doors in 1892. In 1935, a vast four-sided golden Rolex clock was installed above the showroom and that very same showroom remains on the same corner of Blackett Street today.

The Watches of Switzerland Group partner with Rolex on seven mono-brand boutiques in prestigious locations in the UK and the US in the Wynn Resort, Las Vegas, which has recently undergone a significant refurbishment; Orlando, Florida; Glasgow, Scotland; and Bond Street, London as well as within Heathrow Airport, London.

"We first opened the Rolex Boutique in the mid-1980s and have represented the brand successfully on Bond Street ever since. We have been looking for some time at opportunities for a larger space to present the Rolex brand in the way it deserves. We are delighted to be opening this significant Rolex Boutique in partnership with Rolex, in the City which was the birth place of the Rolex brand. We will be taking possession of the site in 2023 and aim to open in the same year. We are very proud of our partnership with Rolex, both in the UK and US, and this is an important step on our journey together."

Brian Duffy, CEO of the Watches of Switzerland Group